My Publications

Title Year Copyright
Scenario Testing using Formal Ontologies 2014
Scenario Testing Using OWL (M.Sc dissertation) 2015
Armstrong Relations for Ontology Design and Evaluation 2016
Informative Armstrong RDF Datasets for n-ary Relations 2018 The final publication is available at IOS Press through
Generating Armstrong ABoxes for ALC TBoxes 2018 The final authenticated version is
available online at
Armstrong ABoxes: The Application of Armstrong Relations to Description Logics (Ph.D thesis) 2019

Introductory texts on Description Logics

Title Author Year
Description Logics Markus Krötzsch, František Simančík, and Ian Horrocks 2013
What are ontologies good for? Ian Horrocks 2013


Title Author Year Copyright
An Introduction to Ontology Engineering C. Maria Keet 2018
The Knowledge Graph Cookbook Andreas Blumauer and Helmut Nagy 2020