Here I provide talks I have given along with brief overview of each talk.

Introduction to Ontology Semantics and Reasoning

Here I provide a brief introduction to description logics with Venn diagrams to help people get a basic understand of the semantics of ontologies.

Cineca Training Video

You can have a look at my training video in which I explain how the EBI ontology tools can be used to realize data harmonization and enrichment for the integration of cohort data across countries and continents for the Cineca project. See

Pistoia Alliance: Open Interoperability Standards, Tools, and Services at EMBL-EBI

EMBL-EBI  as a trusted source of biological and biomedical data stores more than 270 petabytes of raw data. The data that EMBL-EBI deal with is vast, highly varied, changes frequently and the can suffer from various quality related issues. In this talk I explain how ontologies and semantic web technologies are used to make this data more interoperable and reusable. To this end the Ontologies Services Team at EMBL-EBI has build a number tools to enable this. These are:

  • The Ontology Lookup Service (OLS) that allows users to search over 6 million terms (or OWL classes) defined across 200+ biological and biomedical ontologies.
  • The Zooma annotation service can be used to find the ontology terms that other biological curators have used in the past to map search phrases to. These search phrases are words that researchers used to describe various aspects of their research with.
  • The OxO mapping service will map a term in 1 ontology to a term in a different ontology. This is helpful where the data already uses a given ontology, but now need to make use of a different ontology.
  • The RDF Platform can be used to publish the integrated and enriched data.

This talk can be found here and you can download the Pistoia presentation slides. Further details can be found on the Pistoia Alliance website.